Monday, December 15, 2008

Lorenzo Villoresi - Teint de Neige

The colour of snow is white, as is the colour of powder. And surely Teint de Neige is one of the most powdery fragrances ever created. The description even reads: "The essence of perfumed powders".

his is a somewhat demanding fragrance, make no mistake about it. Some will unquestionably find it too nostalgic, reminiscent of "old things" like their grand mothers make up cabinet or boudoirs in general. Personally I can't wear it myself either, mainly due to the strong tonka bean in the basenotes that doesn't sit well on my skin. But what a fine piece of perfumery it is.

eint de Neige is like a sleigh ride through beautiful snow clad landscapes. Impressions of jasmin and rose create a profound floral ambiance that attractively transcends into a soft foundation of heliotrope with its characteristically almond like gentle aroma. The slightly astringent quality of ylang ylang prevents it from going too sugary and gives it just a touch of sharpness making the composition even more interesting.
After many hours the progression finally settles in creamy sweet musks and a clean talc accord.

If you belong to the people who can pull this Villoresi off, then you are in for a very special treat. Either way, this masterful, cloudy and complex blend deserves some serious respect.

Year of Launch: 2000
Gender Classification: Unisex
Reminiscent of: Lorenzo Villoresi Musk, Etro Heliotrope
Longevity & Sillage: Both well above average
Overall Rating: 8/1o

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