Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bond No.9 - Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue

exington Avenue
from Bond No.9 is the third collaboration with the Andy Warhol foundation, the previous two releases being Silver Factory and Union Square. This most recent fragrant instalment continues in the fun and hedonistic spirit associated with Warhol's art and lifestyle.

Lexington Avenue opens with an initial blast of fennel making the first impression a bit opaque. From its liquorice-like, spicy and considerably woody top, the fragrance progresses smoothly trough several phases. In the end the overall impression is quite suede-like. No harsh leather, but delicate suede with subtle floral elements - almost abstract.

There's a resemblance to Serge Lutens's Daim Blond, especially in the heart notes. The suede accord mingling with cardamom and something reminiscent of apricot kernels can be found in both. However Lexington Avenue takes a more gourmand route, albeit a moderate one. Roasted almonds add a coffee like touch, Italian orris root provides depth while créme brulee sweetens the deal and adds some edge.

However, the drydown is where this fragrance really shines. The use of patchouli is brilliant. Removed of all it's naturally earthy sharpness it beautifully anchors the composition along with a more traditional rendition of sandalwood. The end result - contemporary and unique. The official pyramid further includes notes of blue cypress, pink peony and pimento berry.

The eye catching flacon with its colourful stilettos - a reference to Warhol's early days as an illustrator of among other things vibrant shoes - only partly represents the content. Although vivacious and somewhat playful, Lexington Avenue is a very soft and tender perfume, even sensual. Like many L'Artisan Parfumeur fragrances, it stays close to the skin, but with very good longevity. To conclude, Bond No. 9 has created a modern and well behaved gourmand perfect for romantic occasions.

Year of Launch: 2008
Gender Classification: Feminine, but wearable for basically anyone
Reminiscent of: Serge Lutens Daim Blond, Caron Eau de Reglisse
Longevity & Sillage: Above average longevity, subtle sillage
Overall rating: 7/10


Olof said...

Hej Mattias. Jag skulle gärna vilja komma i kontakt med dig. Kan du skicka din mailadress till så förklarar jag mer?



shifts said...

If the smell is anything close to your write-up, it must be fabulous.

/mmm said...

Shifts, it´s very nice indeed, but way more subtle than especially the packaging would indicate. It´s probably the most understated gourmand I´ve ever tried. Very elegant and soft.