Sunday, September 7, 2008

Forgotten Gems Part II - Joop! Nightflight

In the continuing quest for forgotten gems it's time to turn our eyes to German designer Wolfgang Joop and his excellent sophomore effort in the masculine fragrance department. Decadent, original and still readily available, Nightflight from 1992 never really achieved major success - especially compared to it's big bad predecessor in the red bottle...

It's a pleasure to wear this fresh but powerful blend that is full with the confidence of the early nineties. Launched before the grunge era and recession, Nightflight definitely has more in common with Wall Streets' Gordon Gekko than Nirvana or Soundgarden.

omposition wise it's a predecessor to Chanel's Allure Pour Homme - both with strong tonka basenotes, but Nightflight sports plenty of character of it's own. There's a strong tropical theme throughout the development, mainly attributable to pineapple mingling with sweet vanilla. A pungent coriander, reminiscent of the one found in Rochas Aquaman, together with breezy floral notes add some eccentricity before the slightly synthetic but smooth and pleasant sandalwood takes over the final hours of the drydown.

ightflight is a great alternative to the original Joop! Homme, with the same innovative and extroverted vibe, but without all the cloying bits.
Overall rating: 7/10

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