Sunday, November 23, 2008

Forgotten Gems Part IV: Decléor Un Air de Java

Decléors sadly overlooked Un Air de Java was created by the brilliant Pierre Bourdon in the year 2000. Its closest relative is without a doubt Chanel's Platinum Egoïste, both sharing a solid base of dry woods with a slightly charred character. This smoky and arid disposition firmly places the fragrance in autumn and winter wear territory.

Apart from the scorched notes there's a strong mossy and green vibe present, which can be attributed to black currant leaves and oak moss mingling in a perfect balance. There's a mild floral touch as well, with some soft violet and jasmine.

Overall a beautiful woody chypre, managing to combine pungent individual notes in an understated and elegant manner. Truly a forgotten gem.

Overall rating: 7/10

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rocco said...

I have been trying to find this Fragrance to no avail for over a year now (it's Dec 7th, 2008). I would appreciate ANY assistance in finding it, or if someone has a spare bottle or half bottle to sell I'd be interested. Reply to Cheers, Rocco