Thursday, August 28, 2008

No More Than Meets the Eye part I - Guerlain

Advertising has been an essential element of the perfume world since the early 1900: s. After all it is the most direct way for the makers to convey their vision of what a particular fragrance represents, or perhaps more accurately - what they want it to represent.

Visually strong and original campaigns have elevated brands for ages. Examples that instantly come to mind are Calvin Klein's black and white photo ads for Eternity featuring Christy Turlington, an androgynous Kate Moss for One from the same designer, Davidoff's sporty and maritime ads for Cool Water, Dior's cartoon sailor for Eau Sauvage and Chanel's shadow boxer for Platinum Egoïste just to name a few.

Some ads have gotten attention through controversy instead, for instance full frontal nudity like Tom Fords M7 campaign for Yves Saint Laurent. Either way advertising is imperative in today's competitive fragrance market, and fundamental for setting the general mood and ambiance regarding a launch and communicating the preferred image and aesthetics of the creator.

In this section, No More Than Meets the Eye, I'll be looking closer at individual houses and designers and their visual communication through the ages by a selection of their hallmark ads and vintage artwork. First out epic French masters Guerlain:

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